Viet Hai Village – The Rural Picture among The Wonder of Halong

Coming to Ha Long Bay, it is advised to visit Viet Hai village once because of its pristine natural beauty. Viet Hai village always leave strong impressions on tourists’ mind, especially foreigner visitors, by original wild landscapes and the warm greeting of the locals.



Location: Viet Hai fishing village located in Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong city.

Characteristic: Located among the sea of the Gulf of Tonkin, Viet Hai village is surrounded by high mountains and jungles of Cat Ba National Park. The village is featured of the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere as well as the mountainous simple scenes of a countryside village in the North part of Vietnam.


Viet Hai lies between the untouched forests and mountains.


Old story of Viet Hai village:

The village lies among the desolate jungles and mountains with a wild life and an old life-style that creates the separation between Viet Hai and the outside world. Nevertheless, Viet Hai village becomes a very appealing destination for foreign visitors for that outstanding feature. Despite an increasingly number of tourist, the village is getting more crowded; the locals still keep their traditional and natural life. The families who has motorbikes are supposed as the richest members in the village. The people in the village live together by the honest, enthusiasm, trust and the simplest things so it is not strange when all of the houses do not close the doors without everyone inside. It is said to be the poorest village in Cat Hai District, Viet Hai people always satisfy with their cozy and happy life.


The village still keep its simple life with the traditional houses of leaf roof.

Being a fishing village, but Viet Hai is also delightful by the yellow of the rural rice-fields or the green of the forest. Riding a bicycle around the village for sightseeing the traditional houses, the simple path-ways, and rice-fields at serenity will be a method of reducing stresses, far away from the crows, noise and duty of the busy cities. Let’s come to Viet Hai village to be immersed into the valleys, jungles and mountains or taste the rural dishes. 

Note: You can visit Viet Hai by the private tours or join in cruise trip that can be take you to Viet Hai village.