Full Moon Village Resort

Full Moon Village located in Phan Thiet belongs to a regional park far away 3.6 km from Hon Rom, 15 km from Mui Ne Sand Dunes and Bau Trang Beauty Spot. Fairy Stream and Mui Ne Market is included about 15km. 

It take a day on the beach to for tourists to enjoy surfing/boogie boarding before coming back one of the resort’s 2 restaurants for a meal.




There is 16 individually rooms furnished with not only services as free WiFi and iPod docks but high-standard kitchenettes, refrigerators and stovetops also, and flat-screen TVs with digital channels into the living rooms.


Large luxury room in one of our villa’s.

Have home feeling in the tropical garden with your private space.




• A sighseeing of beautiful garden

• Available swimming pool outdoor for free 

• Free high-speed wired/wireless Internet in all rooms


Traditional two bedrooms, a kitchenette, living and dining area with large and open space.

Have Jacuzzi meal in the tropical garden in pravacy.




Modern three bedrooms, a kitchenette, living and dining area with spacious area.

Have Jacuzzi meal in the tropical garden in pravacy.


High Season Wind Conditions

In the high season wind conditions, the water level is far about from 10-20 knots to 30+ knots from the bottom in the morning building to the windy sandy coast, and quite deep, with big waves. Be careful of fishing lines, and identify the empty space to pass advanced windsurfers other activities; – surfing, sup, kayak, kiting.

Low Season Wind Conditions

In the low season wind conditions, the water level is far about 10-20 knots from the bottom to the windy sandy offshore, flat water. Emergency ships are available to rescue beginnners when taking part in advanced windsurfers other activities; -sup, kayak, catamaran sailing, kiting equipment starboard &severne waist and seat harness included in rental. You should bring your rash vest, boardshorts and a good sun cream during the activities you are welcome to change gear to suit the conditions.


Gear insurance can be bought directly at the school, not included in the packages.



Please Stay In Our Visible Area So We Can Watch You

Surfing with Jibes

In general, the term ‘surfing’ refers to a surface water sport in which the person move on the surface of the sea along  the face of a breaking ocean wave by a surfboard. It’s one of the completely natural sports that directly utilizes the power of nature.

Windsurfing is an amazing combination of sailing and the upright stance of surfing.

Windsurfing is an active in which use the wind to move the board , just like sailing. Hence it is said to be a quiet peaceful experience – with only the sound of the wind and water as it lightly slide across the surface.

You could still do windsurfing even in the lightest of winds. Peolpe enjoy this sport as a mobile active to leave you pleasantly exhausted at the end of a good day.



Kiteboarding – also known as kitesurfing is a relatively new watersport which is first popular in the late 90’s. Kiteboarding is a combination between windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding. But it is easier to learn kitesurfing than windsurfing and surfing. You need to do some starting excercises before do kiteboarding in order to stand on the water quickly and safely. People have facy for it because of its relaxing way and creating funs in anything.

SUP comes from the ancient Hawaiian traditions of canoe and surfing, but has only recently become a worldwide phenomenon. SUP is the sport for everyone who enjoy the strong feeling of moving on the surface of water, or a perfect fishing craft, or an intense workout machine. That is the way SUP going to the world by storm and appealing to ocean and lake goers alike.

Come sail with us!
Sailing could be said to be one of the  most popular sports in the world for eveyone even the age or the gender. It is not so hard for you to be able to learn how to sit on the cruise and sail, control it following your direct. It starts for beginers to learn how to sit in the right place, steering, change direction and trim the sails. As you are getting fluenter you will learn to do these more quickly and efficiently to get the most out of the boat.

Kayaking is a perfect mixture for those who are fond of natural landscape, physical exercise, and relaxing no matter who they are or how many olds they are or even their hobbies. Kayaking appeals tourists whether you’re trying to find elusive water-birds, enjoy nature, or go careening off a cliff to get your adrenaline pumping.

Jibes Beach Club SuoiNuoc



Our restaurant offers some of the most delicious tastes featuring Viet Nam such as homemade Vietnamese pho, fresh spring rolls, seafood grilled or other Western cuisien such as imported meats, and vegetarian dishes. One thing is the specially different thing that you could also book your private BBQ at our beach.

The restaurant not only offer various dishes but a diversity of beverages also with the best wines, amazing tropical cocktails, and a variety kinds of coffees, or Vietnamese ca phe, latte macchiato, expressos, etc.

Jibes Beach Club SuoiNuoc is a perfect venue which is able to contain 200 people to organize weddings, parties, or teambuilding events.

For those who would like to explore the Vietnamese East Sea on a catamaran by going windsurfing or surfing the waves right in front of the restaurant or lying on available sun loungers on the beach that is a method of reducing all worries and stresses.

See you soon in Jibes Beach Club SuoiNuoc!

Spa & Massage

Enjoying your holiday with focusing on wellness after a hard-working period is a great way to refresh your mind and establish new healthy habits. Personalised programmes combining nutrition, fitness and spa treatments can relax your body and your mind and keep the balance for your health.



Body Treatments starts first with milk baths to soften the skin of Cleopatra, then  using sea water for its high mineral content and therapeutic value in healing and alleviating ailments like arthristis and skin conditions.

Full Body Massage 60 minutes Thai Body Massage 60 minutes
Full Body With Aloe Vera 60 minutes Hot Stone Body Massage 60 minutes
Sport Body Massage 60 minutes Cellulite Body massage 60 minutes
Four Hands Body Massage 60 minutes Foot Massage 60 minutes
Baby Body Massage 45 minutes Back Massage 30 minutes
Head And Shoulder 30 minutes    

A facial is likely the most sensitive part which is needed to take care carefully. W use a multi-step skin treatment including a facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion. That is the greatest way to help your skin look younger. In addition, skincare experts would give you some helpful advices on the best way to take care of your skin. 

Mud Mask Facial 50 minutes Coconut Mask Facial 50 minutes
Aloe Vera Facial 50 minutes Mix fruit Mask Facial 50 minutes
Chocolate Mask Facial 50 minutes    


Nail care refers to the proper maintenance of the fingernails and toenails to prevent nail problems, such as fungal nail infections and ingrown toenails. Not only the appearance, nail reflects your health situation also.For example,  nail problems are symptoms of an underlying medical condition, such as an infection throughout the body.

Manicure And Pedicure  -   60 minutes




Sea Links Golf Course The most challenging Links style golf course in Asia.

Only twenty minutes by taxi from Full Moon Village.

Please contact us to settle your arrangements.