Amanoi Resort

The Aman’s first foray into Vietnam, Amanoi is a resort like no other. It oozes refinement and luxury, providing a retreat like setting and a return to nature for those seeking an incredible getaway. Hidden within the untouched coastal forest of Nui Chua National Park, and right on the sparkling waters of Ninh Tuan Bay. Hugged by rolling, evergreen-covered hills, the resort looks over the East Sea and pristine Vinh Hy Bay.




Fusing contemporary elegance with traditional Vietnamese architectural styles, Amanoi's Pavilions, Spa Houses and Residences are perched along a coastal ridge with views of the sea or tucked into a valley overlooking the National Park.

PAVILIONS & VILLAS, AMANOI: That is a perfect accommodation for a vacation. From their curving roofs, Amanoi’s Pavilions and Villas are surrounded by their marvelous nature. It features an artful simplicity of Vietnamese design, offering combined bedroom and living areas, and large bathrooms that open onto spacious decks alongwith  a private pools and expansive views.



OCEAN POOL VILLA, AMANOI: The Ocean Pool Villas is 125-square-metre (1,346-square-foot) in large from where you could see the whole overviews of Vinh Hy Bay and the East Sea, with their own private swimming pools.



MOUNTAIN POOL VILLA, AMANOI: The Mountain Pool Villas of 125-square-metre (1,345-square-foot) in large offers private pools and timber sun decks with picturesque views of the lake or surrounding mountains.



LAKE PAVILION, AMANOI: It must be a perfect villas resort with 95-square-metre (1,022-square-foot) Lake Pavilions overlooking the lake scenes, including one bedroom and a large living area. The villas is designed with the elegant, contemporary interiors based on traditional Vietnamese touches.









Set between a national park and a marine reserve, Amanoi embraces nature from its beachside perch on the southern coast of Vietnam. The pristine waters of Vinh Hy Bay are ideal for exploration, both on the craggy coast and under the deep blue, where colorful coral and schools of tropical fish reside. Hiking in the park reveals Vietnam’s untouched wilderness, alive with myriad plants and birds.

Owner Priviligers: 

AT HOME AROUND THE WORLD: Owning an Amanoi Villa is to embrace a lifestyle both unparalleled and utterly unique. Set amidst dramatic boulder outcrops on the spectacular coastline of Nui Chua National Park, each Amanoi Villa offers panoramic views of Vinh Hy Bay, as well as access to a private beach and the resort’s exceptional facilities. Visitors also feel at home around the world by including their properties in Aman’s optional rental program. This results in exclusive savings on rentals in other destinations



UNPARALELLED SERVICE: Amanoi Villas offer concierge, car, guiding and babysitting services, as well as Villa maintenance and security. Customers are served by a dedicated chef and a personal villa attendant who oversees all arrangements, requests and activities. 

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: Amanoi Villa are comprised of all of Amanoi’s facilities and amenities, including several dining venues, the comprehensive lake-side Aman Spa, the main swimming pool, and the Beach Club with a number of four-seater golf buggies in each one that ensure ease of access for owners and their guests